Meet the girls from down under.

We're Kim and Zoe, and like you, we’re always on the move.
So we'll keep this short, like our ingredients list.


There's always a story.

Ours started by the waves of Bondi Beach.
Then came dry, sensitive skin, and eczema.

We stopped feeling fresh and active.
So our Mum and Dad, both doctors, formulated a unique product where instead of adding ingredients, they removed them.

It worked.
Outside: Our skin cleared.
Inside: Our confidence returned.

We learned our parent’s process, tested and trialed with real girls, and created a range of clean skincare products. With the quality ingredients your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. No fillers, synthetic chemicals, or unnecessary scientific names; just pure,  active ingredients.


After 30 years of getting it right, we’re still testing, trialing, and creating, as we learn from every sensitive face and strong beaut we meet.

This is natural beaut, from the inside out.

Natural beaut:

We don't believe in excess, fillers, nasties, or lies.
Just minimal ingredients that give you maximum results.
Products that like us, are pure, active, and healthy.
And actually work.

The Y:

For skin that feels like it should: clean, fresh, bright, and beautiful.
But don't just take our word for it.

Say hi to healthy, beautiful skin.